Beginner Javascript and Golang courses

Build RESTful APIs with the Golang (Go) programming language is a quick introduction to building RESTful CRUD APIs with Go.

It is packed with a lot of useful information, which can be completed within a weekend or in a couple of evenings after work. This is not one of those very long (10 or 20 hour) courses that you buy and manage to finish.


Golang: A Beginners’ intro to the Go programming language (Build a TCP chat server and client)

Introduction to the Golang: A Beginners’ intro to the Go programming language is a course aimed at beginner Go (Golang) programmers and anyone getting into programming by learning Golang.

Major concepts of Golang (Go programming language) such as basic types, declarations, maps, pointers, structs, arrays and slices are discussed. There is also a whole section dedicated to building a mini TCP network based chat application with the application of the concept concurrency (goroutines and channels). Almost every lecture in the course supported by coding exercises.


Build JWT authenticated RESTful APIs with Golang

This is a short and sweet course aimed at introducing the core principles of REST API JWT authentication in less than 2.5 hours.


Javascript: Build a localStorage Collections library

This course will walk you through building a LocalStorage Collections library using just vanilla Javascript without any third party dependency.


Javascript Arrays: Dive into Javascript Arrays

Learn Javascript Arrays in 1 hour is a course you can complete over a weekend and gain so much valuable knowledge about the attributes and behaviours of Javascript Arrays.

In this course, we will start by looking at the available data types in Javascript and discuss why arrays belong to the object data type. We will also look at the Array constructor and its available methods and properties. Then we will dive deep into the Array prototype object that has several important built in methods.

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